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Skin Monarch crystalized anesthetic (10 ml.)
Skin Monarch Анестезия перед процедурой (30гр.)
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Skin Monarch crystalized anesthetic (10 ml.)45.00€

Skin Monarch crystalized anesthetic (10 ml.)
Skin Monarch crystal effectively reduces discomfort before permanent make up procedure and during procedure. Used for lips and eyebrows procedures. Before using put for 1 minute into warm water until product will be liquid. 
Use: Spread a few drops  on the desired area of skin maintain with a nutritious film for 10-15minutes. During procedure product works in one minute.
WARNING: Avoid direct contact with the eyeball. If contact should occur, irrigate with copious amounts of sterile saline and seek medical attention.
Shake well each time before use

Quantity: 10 ml.



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