Rich Microblade Colors Pigments (15ml.)

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  • Производитель: Rich Microblade
  • Модель: RichPigm
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Rich Microblade Colors Pigments

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Rich Microblade Colors Pigments (15ml.)
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Rich Microblade Colors Pigments (15ml.)39.00€

Rich Microblade Colors are specifically created with a thick and creamy iron oxidepigment which easily settles into the skin with long lasting results!

Auburn W Stunning color for a person that wants to add warmth to their eyebrows that does not have strong Red or Pinkish undertones.

Black - This color is the darkest color available for eyebrows.

Brown CGB - Perfect warm color mixture used to correct unwanted Gray eyebrows.

Brown N - this neautral color is for a person who in rare case, do not have a Red, Yellow or Olive Undertone.

Brown R/P ir Light Brown R/P - For person with a Red/Pinkish undertone. Also corrects unwanted Red brows. Will not turn or heal a Red color.

Brown Y/O ir Light Brown Y/O - For a person with a Yellow or Olive undertone. Will not turn or heal a Gray color.

Light Taupe ir Taupe - A perfect color for a person with Ash or Gray hair who has more of a Red or Pinkish undertone.

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