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    Surface disinfection wipes without alcohol, Mikrobac Tissues (18 x 20 cm)


    Kiti Gamintojai
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    Surface disinfection wipes without alcohol, Mikrobac Tissues (18 x 20 cm)

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    Disinfectant Wipes, Mikrobac Tissues

    Mikrobac Tissues are soft disinfectant wipes made from PET and soaked with a disinfectant solution. The excellent absorbent properties ensure that the active ingredient is 100% distributed over the surfaces being disinfected. This also ensures effective surface disinfection with the disinfectant wipes.

    Mikrobac Tissues have a wide spectrum of efficacy, a quick activation time and excellent material compatibility. This allows the disinfectant wipes to be used for disinfecting alcohol-sensitive surfaces and medical products, as well as non-submersible medical products like ultrasound transducers.

    The individual wipes can be easily and quickly removed from the flow pack.

    Free of alcohol, aldehyde, dyes and scents

    Great material compatibility

    Activation within 30 seconds

    No adsorption (completely distributes active ingredient over the surface)

    Good cleaning strength

    Soft, fluffy wipes made from PET

    Wide spectrum of efficacy

    Wipe size: 18 x 20 cm

    1 flow pack contains 80 wipes

    Kiti Gamintojai
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