Rinse cup clean up


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      Rinse cup clean up

      Rinse cup clean up

      All tattoo artists come up against the same challenge of disposing of wet waste, especially rinse cups. Short of throwing in the bin (potential) leakage or pouring down the sink (not recommended), there are many disposal options - this is why RinseCup CleanUp exists.

      RinseCup CleanUp is the safest and easiest way to dispose of the rinse cup in the tattoo industry.

      • No more leaking trash bags
      • No more shoving paper towels into a contaminated rinse cup
      • No more carrying contaminated water
      RinseCup CleanUp is easy to use. Upon completion of tattoo, squeeze RinseCup CleanUp into the rinse cup. Wait for 30 seconds, and dispose of the rinse cup in the rubish.


      • In order to get approximately 90 uses, the recommended amount is ½ of a cap (½ cap = 2 grams)
      • Using more speeds up the reaction time
      • The colder the water, the slower the reaction time

      Customer Reviews:

      • Eric Gonzalez (Deer's Eye Studio): "While travelling or in the studio, RinseCup has made things so much easier and safer..."
      • Yutaro (Skull & Swprd): "Forever changed the cleaning of the atattoo station. I'd never go back..."
      • Tim Hendricks (Classic Tattoo): "RinseCup is used in every single station at Classic Tattoo and is used after every single tattoo.."
      • Charlie Coffin (The Tattoo Gallery): "RinseCup has made breaking down my station so quick and easy, I love this product..."
      • Chuey Quntanar (Deer's Eye Studio): "RinseCup has made things easier, faster and mor eimportantly, safer for us tattooers. RiseCup is awesome..."
      • Franco Vescovi (Vatican Studios): " RinseCup is one of those products that every tattooer, apprentice or shop helper needs to have. I wish I had this in my life sooner..."
      • Rich Pineda (Liquid Tattoo): "RinseCup is one of the best things to happen to the industry. Can't do without the stuff..."


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      Rinse cup clean up

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