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    CC Lashes X-CURL eyelashes lamination kit


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    X-CURL eyelashes lamination kit


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    CC Lashes X-CURL Eyelash Lamination Kit

    Lamination is suitable for all types of eyelashes, but looks best on long and thick ones.

    The peculiarity of the procedure is that the key stage of lamination is the application of firming serum.

    The procedure does not last long, and the effect lasts up to two months.

    The kit includes:

    Composition #1 in sachet, 3pcs.

    Composition #2 in a sachet, 3pcs.

    Composition #3 in a sachet, 3pcs.

    Eyelash Curl Silicone Pad, 6pcs.

    Eyelash Curler Applicator

    Eyelash brushes, 5pcs.


    1. Apply a small amount of CC lashes eyelash glue using the applicator to fix the eyelashes in the desired direction.

    2. Apply #1PERM and dispense with applicator. Soak for 5-8 minutes depending on the thickness of the eyelashes. Remove with a dry cotton swab.

    3. Apply Fixing Agent # 2 FIX and spread with the applicator. Soak for 5-8 minutes. Remove with a dry cotton swab.

    4. Apply Nutrient No. 3 CARE and let stand for 5 minutes.

    5. Use a cleanser after the procedure to remove

    residues of compounds.

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