CC Brow Professional Eyebrow brush set 6 pcs


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      CC Brow Professional Eyebrow brush set 6 pcs

      Designed for applying fat, wax, gel, cream, pressed, hard and soft textures. Used in the application technique - wet. The elastic brush, well picks up and gives any materials, can cause and bright spot, and clear boundaries, and shade.

      Recommended by professionals, resistant to aggressive substances

      Nr1 Brush for henna T11, CC Brow

      Nr2 Brush for henna T12, CC Brow

      Nr3 Brush for lipstick S22, CC Brow

      Nr4 Brush for paste T14, CC Brow

      Nr5 Brush for eyebrow (for makeup) S17, CC Brow

      Nr6 Brush for eyebrow double with comb D18, CC Brow

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