CC Brow Vitamins serum for eyebrows (8ml)


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      CC Brow Vitamins serum for eyebrows 8 ml

      A unique tool for eyebrow care, containing vitamins:

      B3,B5,C,E. Also in the composition there is panthenol and betaine.

      • B3 - makes the color more intense, nourishes the hair follicles, protects against drying and breakage;

      • B5 - oxygenates the cells, strengthens the follicles and prolongs their life, the hairs acquire a shiny, well-groomed appearance, become smooth and dense;

      • E - provides hair health, beauty, elasticity and Shine, optimizes the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, prevents breakage and loss

      • C - makes the hair strong, through the optimization of blood circulation, improves nutrition of the eyebrows.

      It is also a very important component of Betaine - it moisturizes the skin and strengthens the hair.

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      CC Brow Vitamins serum for eyebrows (8ml)

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