L'Oreal Accord Parfait True Match Concealer 6.8ml


      L'Oréal Paris
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      L'Oreal Accord Parfait True Match Concealer 6.8ml

      - Fine Texture and coverage perfect, its moisturizing formula camouflages dark circles and imperfections without marking and without effect.

      - Applicator perfect, its soft tip and flexible allows you to take just the right amount of product and deposit it with precision.

      - Dark circles, bags and imperfections are concealed for a finished, unified imperceptible.

      - As early as 7 days, the formula, enriched with caffeine and other active ingredients to smooth the eye contour and visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles. 

      - At 28 days, the bags under the eyes are dimmed.

      L'Oréal Paris
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